Ohara School training in the Moribana and Heika forms of Ikebana.

hardware removal service (computers, accessories). guaranteed administrative and recycling procedures.
Cartridge disposal. Se.P.I. supplies : Cardboard containers 70x40x40cm Withdrawal of cartridges according to client requirements. Transport and recycling according to enforced norms. Compilation of transport forms.

effective web tools including: intelligent routing, UPS equipment is backed-up by power generators, Detailed traffic statistics, Added value mail services, design for organic growth, usability, graphical requirements, concept and product types offered on the site, focussed media placement and creative work geared towards effectiveness, Full Content Management System, membership, press releases, search engine, database access, discussion groups, multi-lingual bridging

Itinerary, Hotel , Hospitality , Vacations , travel Italy Archaeology , Monuments , Diving, Villas , Historical Dwellings , Historical Residences
Centrally located hotel in Milan near trade fair. At Metro station. Garage service. Ticket Handling. Tours.

Hardware recycling Piemonte covering all aspects, including fiscal. With own fleet of vehicles, regularly assumed staff, we guarantee correct management of the refuse and the implementation of the legislative requirements.
Puppeteers' Cooperative puppeteers working to create giant puppet parades, pageants, and ceremonies of celebration and complaint, using simple materials and movements to build community cardboard extravaganzas.

ACG offers electronic editing and computing services: the rental of human ressources; the design and the commercialization of multimedia and online products; a development lab. ACG collaborates with ACSE which allows it to position itself as a partner for those companies that, beyond a technological solution, need support for marketing activities and sales.
80 million tons of solid refuse are produced in Italy. The greater part of these are mis-managed. Se.P.I. systematically solves solid waste disposal issues: burocratic, fiscal, logistics, implementation, transport while respecting the complex enforced norms. Se.P.I. collects from the office and is specialized in ink jet cartridges, printing cartridges, toner for laser, fax and photocopiers, cartridges and tape for impact printing, paper, obsolete hardware, plastic.